Emergency Disaster Plan Checklist


1. Do You Keep Important Telephone Numbers Readily Available?

2. Do Family Members have a Copy of those Important Telephone Numbers?

3. Does Your Family Have A Fire Evacuation Plan?
If So When Was it Last Tested?

4. Is There a First Aid Kit in the House?

5. Has any Member of Your Family Been Trained in First Aid and/or CPR?

6. Did You Place Labels on Poisonous Substances?

7. Do You Have Extra Water in Storage?

8. Do You Have A Flashlight and Batteries?

9. Do You Keep a Transistor Radio In Your House?

10. Does Your Family Know The Difference between a Watch and a Warning?
If Not See Definitions

11. Have You Talked With Your Family About The Possibility of Evacuation?

12. Does Your Family Keep Personal Items Ready To Take In The Event of an Emergency?

13. Does Your Family Keep Extra Dry Goods and Food Stored?

14. Are Your Family Automobiles Equipped with Emergency Supplies


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